Oogcontouren worden gladder
De huid toont strakker en elastischer
Verzakkingen worden gelift
Betere doorbloeding van de huid en gelaatsspieren
Hogere zuurstoftoevoer naar de cellen
Gelaatscontouren verstrakken
Vochtophopingen (b.v. rond de ogen) verdwijnen

Natural Face Lifting is een zachte, efficiënte methode om het verouderingsproces te vertragen.
Het gaat om een natuurlijke huidverjongingskuur, een uitgekiende massage die zalig inwerkt op lichaam en geest, en de huid een ware boost geeft.
Mijn huid voelt gladder en strakker aan en ziet er eindelijk weer goed gehydrateerd uit.
Dat ik zelfs van beautyprofessionals complimenten krijg over de conditie van mijn huid is uiteraard ook mooi meegenomen.


Ghislaine Nuytten

When I first came to Inge she asked what I hoped to accomplish with her treatments.  While at 68 years old I have , what I would call, a normal 68 year old face, I was not unhappy with it.  However, I was hoping that her treatments would address a ‘puffiness’ I have felt on my left side from head to chin for the past 15 years.  Nothing specific had occurred then but I was under a significant amount of stress at work at the time and I noticed it gradually over the course of the next few months.

This I explained to Inge on our first day and after only 8 treatments I realized that the puffy and heavy sensation I had been feeling for 15 years was gone!  When I ran my hand over both sides of my face they both felt the same.

As I still have another 7 treatments left I am looking forward to the final results.  Already the lines around my eyes and mouth have greatly diminished.  I realize that they will not disappear entirely but with the follow up facial exercises I will have slowed down the anti-aging process.  More importantly for me , after all the medical doctors, it was Inge that solved my problem!

After 15 Anti-Aging Treatments with Inge I have noticed that my skin feels like satin and that the lines around my eyes and mouth have definitely diminished.  More importantly this is being noticed by others.  My husband, who has always thought I looked ‘perfect’ now says, this treatment really works, you look younger, friends that I haven’t seen for a while say, you look radiant, rested, you are glowing. I know they can’t quite understand the difference but they are noticing it.  And all of this without plastic surgery which I would never consider given the risks of both surgery as well as the potential of looking worse than before.  I am very happy with the results!

I have had chronic sinus problems for several years and did not expect that Inge’s 15 Anti-Aging Treatments would cure me of them!  After Treatment 7 I noticed that I was able to easily breathe through my nose without the prescribed nasal spray I have been taking.  Thank you Inge!  Now I have a new face plus I can breathe again!


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